Daycation: Newport Beach

Y’know, it happens a lot — especially with adventurous spirits. No matter how breathtaking your day to day surroundings may be, you just GOTTA get a new perspective and change of scenery. If that means just visiting another beach, what the heck – Why not? So when my mind needs some wandering, I generally find myself taking a drive up north from San Diego. This time, I found myself in Newport Beach. Wanna see a little of what I saw? Let me give you all a sneaky peek before I convince you make the trip yourself:

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I’m a sucker for sunsets, so a beach sunset is about as good as it gets. The only thing missing is a bonfire and all the components of s’mores. (Drool.)

ANYWAYS, back to business. Below are some photos of yours truly, blue steel-ing and prancing around. (Not pictured: the crowds of people watching these photos going down.)



(White paneled tank/Black, distressed knee denim: Topman — Denim jacket: Levi’s — Flannel: American Eagle — Nike Air Max Tavas: Nordstrom — Beach hair: the wind)

Take note of the cuffs on my pants. Oh, so important. Some people find that this particular thing doesn’t suit men. My answer? Don’t let gender norms dictate the way you express yourself! Ain’t no harm in showin’ a little ankle, my friends.

Let’s talk about how clearly excited I am to have layering season upon us. I’ve never been the shorts and sandals type, so this is certainly my time to shine. Sweaters, flannels, beanies, scarfs, comfy socks — just a few of the reasons why fall and winter have my heart. Not to mention you have so many more opportunities, outfit wise, to look more put-together and play with different colors/patterns/textures.

I’ve begun obsessing over the comfort, edge, and street-style feel a pair of Nike’s adds to a fit. But let’s not talk about the fact that I completely soaked my fresh pair of Air Max’s when the tide rolled in after nearly not capturing this photo:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Finally – after a long day of strutting around the beach, you tend to work up an appetite. (Or if you’re anything like me, the appetite never really leaves.) What does this call for? FOOD. And more importantly, caffeine.

Checked out Cafe Maji (in Artesia), which is very popular among all of my So-Cal neighbors. Did it live up to it’s hype? Questionable. Was it photogenic? Absolutely.

Pictured: S’mores Iced Mocha, Taro/Matcha Green Tea lattes(each came with a cream puff, how cute?), sweet potato straws, Instax polaroids from the beach.

Not pictured: the Korean feast that commenced after this caffeine fix.
(I’m not endorsing a cup of coffee and a few sweet potato straws as a meal on this blog, I promise. That just ain’t right.)

What should you take away from this post? In the wise words of Tom Haverford, “TREAT YO’SELF

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