Small Business Spotlight — Pop Pie Co.

I can hardly contain my excitement for this post. So before my mouth starts watering, let’s just cut to the chase.

The friendly guys at Pop Pie Co. San Diego reached out to me and offered me a taste of their pies. And what do you do when someone offers you food? You say yes.

They were rad enough to personally deliver them and speak a little on what they’re about. The conversation began with my enthusiastic compliment over the NYC exclusive Nike’s that graced Gan’s feet (one of the two founders) that I’d been gawking over for about a year now. Only to find out that he and his business partner, Steven, actually got the same pair and wore them to their wedding earlier this year. Now, that is #relationshipgoals.

We got to talking about craft beer, good coffee, and travel. It’s always a good time talking with someone who’s passionate about what they do – and that’s exactly what these guys are!

This was my first impression:




Soon to be based in University Heights, this quick-casual spot specializes in sweet & savory, 5″ mini pies. But that’s not all. They plan to change the perspective people in San Diego have on pies, and will offer fresh made side dishes/salads to make into a lunch or dinner combo. Did they stop at that? Nope. They also plan to offer several hand-picked, locally roasted coffees and craft beer to pair with your meal as well! (And uh….. can someone say cutest. logo. ever.?)

A better look at these tasty little things:


Something really cool is that these fellas offer a vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free option! So all you peeps with dietary restrictions can feast on some tasty, tastiness.

Now, let’s talk details. Below is a moving picture of all the flavors I got the chance to taste! And I’ll give you a description of each, from beginning to last. (Let’s see past the quality – the gif is cool, okay?)


Pie #1: Thai Tea (my favorite) — with a white chocolate, layered crust base and topped with almond slivers

Pie #2: Pumpkin Cheesecake — with a whipped cheesecake topping, house-made cinnamon spice, and a pinch of coarse sea salt

Pie #3:  Bourbon Pecan — made with small batch Kentucky bourbon, organic honey, brown sugar, and orange zest

Pie #4: Taro — made with taro and coconut milk, which they tell me requires hours of stirring

Pie #5:  Earl Grey Tea — made with organic earl grey tea, a dark chocolate, layered crust, and a pistachio crumble topping

I’m so stoked for this place to open, and in one of my favorite parts of the city. Look out for Pop Pie Co. San Diego, in early 2016, and say hello to the super friendly owners. Support your small local businesses!


Instagram: @poppiecosd #poppiecosd


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