Friendmas 2015

Finding good, genuine friends nowadays is certainly not the easiest thing to do. So when you find ones who make a positive impact in your life, (and are also trustworthy, creative, and basically perfect all the way around) you never. let. them. go.

Natalie and I met almost two years ago and I can honestly say I’ve been an all around happier person since. What seems like such a short amount of time has actually developed the best friendship I’ve ever had. Like two peas in a pod. The Beyonce to my Jay-Z. The Hiro to my Baymax. The hotline to my bling. The Boo to my Sulley. And every other cheesy analogy you can think of.

So essentially, this post is to show off my best friend and my cute wrapping. I would apologize, but I’m actually not sorry at all.

Below are some photos of her being a total angel. 

IMG_9857 copy

IMG_9859 copy

IMG_9861 copy

We met up the day after Christmas, and I eagerly took Natalie to the cat café in downtown San Diego. Basically a real life Neko Atsume if I’m being honest. (If you don’t know what that is, I urge you to please live your life and download the app.)

We saw a brick wall across the street, so naturally, we sat our cute lil butts in front of it and opened each other’s gifts there. 

IMG_9933 copy

IMG_9929 copy




Want to know what was in the boxes and bags? Well that’s too bad, we don’t gift and tell. (But actually, Natalie and I partnered together to get some vloggage of it, so maybe I will leave that link here when the time comes.)

Being that we live a couple hours from each other, we don’t get to spend everyday together. And that means what? The days we get to spend together basically feel like holidays themselves. So lucky to call this one a friend. 

I do hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas, or whichever holiday it is that you celebrate! 

‘Til next time. 


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