Small Business Spotlight — Better Buzz Coffee

Maybe not such a small business, Better Buzz is a San Diego – based coffee shop that is sure to please. Their packaging is so recognizable and their quality is always crazy good. I stopped by the new location in Encinitas (which, by the way, is my favorite part of SD) and I. am. obsessed.

Before we get into coffee talk, I thought I’d give y’all a little virtual tour of the area – Encinitas is a super laid back, but fun beach town and it’s everything.


First impressions of the place from the outside: 


Having only been to the free-standing locations without the huge menu options, (a.k.a avocado toast, acai bowls, smoothies, etc) I was super surprised and impressed. I will definitely be back for all of them!

I love the design of the space. Neon lights, exposed brick, cool pops of color – you can definitely tell they went for an Instagram-friendly atmosphere. 





After asking “What’s your favorite?” to the barista, I ended up with the ‘best drink ever’ – described as: “classic americano with our signature creamy vanilla” and it sufficiently exceeded my expectations. Seriously so tasty. I want another in my hand right now. 



I have always been a fan of Better Buzz, because, as you may assume, it definitely gives you the buzz that lacks at other coffee shops. I’m stoked to share it with you who are maybe visiting San Diego and share the same love for quality coffee as I do. 

Catch ya later

❤ Cody


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