Music Monday — February ’16

Happy Music Monday, y’all ❤ But more importantly… happy leap day!

I figured I’d hold off on the monthly playlist to make it a little more fun, yknow, being leap day and all.

This month’s playlist is super personal, without the intention of making it such. A.k.a every song this time around really means something to me. So I definitely hope you all can relate and take something away from it.

The link is here – enjoy!

(If you don’t use Spotify, the playlist will be typed out below)

  1. Your type – Carly Rae Jepson
  2. Every other freckle – Alt-J
  3. Easily – Grimes
  4. Boys like you – Who Is Fancy, ft. Meghan WhoTheFuckCares Trainor & Ariana Grande
  5. Tear in my heart – Twenty One Pilots
  6. No pressure – Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean
  7. ILYSB (stripped) – LANY
  8. Enough – Black Coast ft. Maggie
  9. Can you tell – Ra Ra Riot
  10. Everlasting arms – Vampire Weekend
  11. Real – Years & Years
  12. Needed me – Rihanna
  13. Idfc – Blackbear
  14. Somebody else – The 1975
  15. Heaven – Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who
  16. Hollow – Emily Vaughn
  17. R u mine? – Arctic Monkeys

AND ALSO, this month’s featured artist? None other than LANY.

Not really sure how I came across this incredible group, but I’m sure glad I did. If I had to describe them, I’d say they’re the love baby of The Neighbourhood and The 1975. Their synth pop sound is great, but I especially love the acoustic stuff they’ve put out – note the stripped version of ILYSB in this month’s playlist.

The lead singer, Paul Jason Klein, I’ve noticed is very involved with his fans and continues to put a personal touch on the way he interacts with them. I’ve seen free, signed posters and signed mixed tapes all around his Twitter and I can’t help but admire and respect someone who cares so deeply for those who support him.

The music is great, the people are cool, and everything is a little bit better when they’re playing. My only complaint is that I can’t purchase their EP on vinyl yet. Good luck, my boys.

Listen to ILYSB live here.



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