Monthly Favorites — February ’16

Hi, there! Welcome to a very belated, but thoughtful nonetheless, monthly favorites for the month of February.

I could make a billion excuses for this being late – but instead you should probably take this moment to imagine me, in a snazzy suit, extending to you a bouquet of your flowers of choice, offering my most sincere apologies.

And without further ado…..

This month was one for the books, because, well, The 1975‘s new album, “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It” was released. And I’ve been waiting on it for just about 2 frickin years. I loved every single that was released before the album release so it came at no surprise that I fell in love with every song on the final cut. I rushed my fanboy ass to Urban Outfitters the day it was released and the LP hasn’t really left my record player since. I literally had to take it off the needle to get these photos. I was hoping for a translucent pink vinyl to match the pink aesthetic for the album, but no luck. I’ll be okay, I think. Hmph.  (Pictured with the two records are a couple Polaroids from when I first saw the band at Coachella in 2014!)

February was definitely feeling a metal trend, with gold as the front runner. It’s classic. It goes with everything. Someone stop me.

Do I have a problem with not drinking enough water? Nope. I actually consume far too much for my own good, but for those who maybe need to hydrate more, I recommend getting a cute tumbler! A lot of people use these for iced drinks but I really just reserve mine for ice water and it’s really eye catching so you never really lose track of it for any long period of time. If you’re thinking “Wow, a Starbucks tumbler, b a s i c.”, I’m not going to try and defend myself. Everyone is a little basic. Don’t try and fight it!

While on the topic of basic, who wouldn’t want a gold flake phone case? (Don’t answer that.) This thing is crazy cool and especially prone to daily compliments. I got mine at BestBuy and although I generally hate how bulky cases feel and tend to take them off, this one hasn’t left my phone since I first put it on. They also offer the case in silver and rose gold if your phone is one of those two colors!


If you know me at all, you know my attraction to anything monogrammed. Really. It’s a problem. The obsession has been there since I was just a lil mini Cody, and I do not plan on ending it anytime soon. Not sure where the candle holder is from, but it’s adorable and the tiny candle inside is “black tie” scent from Bath & Body Works.

This next favorite is the kind of thing you see every time you go to the mall, but just never make the commitment to purchasing. It’s Million Dollar by Paco Rabanne and it smells just like your #MCM. The scent lasts weeks (literally, I wore it one night wearing a jacket, put it on a couple weeks later, and the scent was still there!) I actually got this as a gift and I’m so happy I did. It makes me feel like…. well…… a million bucks.  (This is the “intense” version and it smells way better than the original in my opinion. Small detail, big difference.)


As a kid, I think we have all walked into a candy store and felt that magical, all-is-good feeling. And that is brought back when I walk into Sugarfina. These are the ice cream gummies and while the texture was the opposite of what I was expecting, the taste is on point. (They do taste more like frozen yogurt, but I prefer that to ice cream, so….)



And, that wraps up my February favorites! I love these cause I feel like I’m just recommending things to my friends. Or like ‘show and tell’ in elementary school. Hope you all enjoyed and please keep reaching out to me and letting me know if you end up getting any of these things! It makes my heart so so so so so happy.

❤ Cody

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