Music Monday — April ’16

GUYS! Happy music Monday. ❤

I’m so excited to share this month’s playlist with you. Mostly because I’ve really just been listening to it relentlessly and want you all to share the joy I have. 

Let’s have a bedroom dancing party. *Cue cute dancing montage*

April’s playlist has definitely got some soul. I hope you all dig it as much as I do. (If Beyoncè’s new album was on Spotify, this playlist would be a BeyList, jussayin’) 

The playlist can be found here on Spotify. 

For those who don’t use Spotify, the songs can be found below:

  1. Zayn – like I would 
  2. Brb / Kiss – Lany
  3. Camouflage – Selena Gomez
  4. Baby – Kingdm ft. Kevin Garrett
  5. Talk me down – Troye Sivan
  6. Exchange – Bryson Tiller
  7. Let me love you – Ariana Grande ft. Lil Wayne
  8. You should be here – Kehlani 
  9. Xo – John Mayer
  10. I want what you have – Williamette Stone
  11. Love won’t sleep – Lostboycrow
  12. Blue – Marina and The Diamonds
  13. Champagne – Niykee Heaton
  14. Salt – Bad Suns 

And….. for the moment you all have been waiting for…….. April’s artist of the month!

Kevin Garett has hit 2016 like a whirlwind. His soulful voice makes you feel something. His tone resonates a kind of truth that goes without explanation. You just believe him. And is he just a vocalist? Nah. He is also an avid instrumentalist and songwriter. Not to mention he co-wrote and produced the track “Pray you catch me” for Beyonce’s sixth studio album,  Lemonade. If Queen Bey approves, who wouldn’t? I don’t think this is the last we will see of this up-and-coming triple threat. 

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