Monthly Favorites — April ’16

Hey, pals! I’m so happy to be back with a new monthly favorites post. No, seriously. I love this stuff.



My first and most prized favorites are these Lany vinyls! Like seriously, I have been waiting forever for these EP’s to come out on vinyl. If you have me on snapchat (my user is CodyJohnathan if you’re curious in adding me) then you’ve definitely seen my enthusiasm. The band is incredible and the perfect sound to hear on a record player.



These Lush products, y’all. They really just smell incredible and do exactly what you would expect them to do.  The shower cream is the ‘Yuzu and Cocoa‘ and the soap is the sweet, minty ‘Maypole‘.



It’s summer now, which means what? Statement color footwear! (For me, at least.) Not gonna front, I’m usually the first to grab for the white/black/greys. But there is no harm in going out of your comfort zone every so often – and this color is so cute and clean! I would stay away from being super matchy, and pair these with solid neutrals. I got these at Urban Outfitters and I seriously get so many compliments on them.



This. Freaking. Cookbook. To say that purchasing cookbooks is the norm for me would be a bit of a stretch. But when Chrissy Teigen, a woman who I feel is super authentic to herself and unapologetically so, I can’t help myself. She did an impeccable job of transferring her unfiltered, bubbly personality into the text and photos. I can’t help but imagine myself doing something like this in the future! #Goals. And, of course, the recipes are to diieeeeee for. Cravings for sure. I find myself reading this front to back like a novel. Whoops.




Lastly, is this cute Sulley case that my bff got me! Monsters Inc. will forever be my favorite animated movie and holds very close to my heart. So you can imagine I loved the gift, as well as the thought behind it. Not to mention she got herself a matching one – because, well, she’s perfect.




Aaaaand that about sums up another monthly favorites, my friends! These are such a blast for me. And, as always, don’t shy away from letting me know if you pick up any of these!

<3, Cody J.

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