The Next Chapter

So, as you may have guessed from the title… I am making a big (and exciting) lifestyle change.

I am moving up North! SD > SF (I’m not moving to the city, but for the sake of y’all knowing the area, we’ll call it SanFran.)

Now, for a little background – I moved around for much of my childhood because I was a military kid, (Washington state, Texas, Arizona, Virginia) but my last move was at the age of flippin 13.

To some, this may seem like a very small change, but San Diego is the first city I have really grown to know, love, and call my own. It’s home. So to be leaving is very bittersweet.

But you gotta be positive! I am soooo excited to be somewhere new and push myself out of my comfort zone. That’s where people thrive. And I’m admittedly guilty of getting comfortable with the norm.

So basically, rejoice my NorCal friends! Your boy is making his way up for a while. I hope you all are as stoked as me to get things poppin’. Just think of all the new photo opps I’ll have. That’s reason enough. (Lol.)

I will forever be a SoCal boy at heart. Like…. seriously, f o r e v e r. I identify so much with my beautiful, sunny, laid-back city. (Brace yourself for the cheesiest line I could possibly use.) It’s not a goodbye, it’s a “see ya later”. You always find your way back home.

Of course I will keep you all updated on the moving progress. The move is way sooner than I am mentally prepared for, but I am fucking ready. I love you all and am excited to share my next journey with you.

❤ Cody J.


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