San Diego Museum of Contemporary Arts — A Virtual Hangout

OKAY. First and foremost, hello. I missed you all! The last time you heard from me, I was announcing my move. And guess what? Ya boy is now in the bay.

But we’ll save all that for another day. For now, we’re gonna talk about this magical last day in San Diego that I spent with my best gal, Natalie. 05.30.16

Wellllll, we started the day off at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Arts in downtown (which was my first time…. I wish I’d known about it sooner.) With an incredible exhibit by Do Ho Suh, it had me literally in awe. Ask Nat.

We got these cute little stickers and headed on in:

The colors were great and when we first arrived, we had the place to ourselves. The only downside was getting in trouble for snapping a Polaroid that had flash. Whoops.

A little fun fact: the photos which look as if they are filtered (the reds & pinks) actually have no color added at all! We each took turns snapping photos from outside-in at the exhibit. So there were sheets of fabric between the camera and the subject.  And yeah, you should definitely go back at take another look at those photos. Such a unique point of view!

We spotted this cute installation and I forced Natalie to pose in front of it cause she looked really cute. And then I begged her to take photos of me without knowing I would look like an actual ghost.

On our way out, I caught my (then) purple-haired best friend snappin some pics, lookin adorable, and just being art.

You can guess what happened next.

Striped oversized tee: H&M, Light denim vest: American Apparel, Fantastic personality: my Mother

Oh my gosh, noooo. This post is coming to an end. Lucky for y’all, there’s a second part coming soon. ❤

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my little virtual journey/tour/hangout.

Til next time, Cody J.

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