Music Monday — June ’16

Your boy is at it again! Really excited for y’all to hear this one.

To listen on Spotify, click here.

If you’re not a Spotify user, see below for some sweet tunes:

  1. West coast – The Neighbourhood
  2. Lowkey – Dev
  3. Toothbrush – DNCE
  4. We are – Justin Bieber
  5. Wild – Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara
  6. Say it– Flume ft. Tove Lo
  7. Silhouettes – Colony House
  8. Pink skies – LANY
  9. Knew better/Forever boy – Ariana Grande
  10. Once in a while – Timeflies
  11. Codes – Ellie Goulding
  12. Sorry not sorry – Bryson Tiller
  13. Die trying – Michl

So. much. new. music. this. month. It was a challenge to keep the list tidy. But there will be plenty more next month, so don’t you worry your pretty little faces off.

Artist of the month this time ’round? None other than my fave new hype group: DNCE. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve definitely picked up on my recent obsession with Joe Jonas. I slept on him for far too long and got my Jonas obsession about ten years late — however, he is an  a n g e l  and his voice proves it. I am loving his new group’s upbeat jams but what I was surpringly turned onto was their slightly slower paced “Jinx” which hits very close to home. This group has crazy diverse style and I can’t wait to see more post – SWAAY, their first and latest EP. Also, kiss me Joe.

Xoxo, Cody Odie.

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