Monthly Favorites — May/June ’16

So I had a brilliant idea – since my life has been moving at rapid speed these last couple months with moving + a full time job, why not morph two months into one? Call me a genius.

My first favorite of the month is something I reach for every time I head out to the beach/pool/market. The cities tote from AA! It’s simple but cute, and I’m sure this isn’t the first time any of you have seen it. And my bfffffff Nat got it for me which makes it even more special.

This piggy bank (yes, you read that right) is one of the cutest things I own. I got it as a gift from someone who shares my passion for photography which makes me super happy. I love the antique look of it and it’s the perfect addition to any end table or bookshelf.

My taste when it comes to cologne is so bougie. So what I am sharing with you instead, is my #1 fave drugstore cologne! Curve by Liz Claiborne. This fragrance is so versatile – mixes well with other scents, wears really well, and is perfect for everyday. You can definitely tell I have gotten lots of use out of this.

Something I have been drawn to for as long as I can remember is tangible memories. Aka, Polaroids. 99% of the time, I reach for the white borders. But I spiced it up this time ’round and got a pack of film with fun borders. Not to mention my best gal made them even better memories.

These lighted marquee lights are from Michael’s and they helped fill a void I’d had in my heart for years. Upon purchasing them online, I thought they were white plastic so I was a bit disappointed. Nonetheless, my love for all things initialed has been amplified. And they are the peeeerfect accent to any room.

And a photo from the back, for those curious minds like mine.

For my very last but certainly not least favorite, Ellie Goulding’s “Delirium” album on vinyl. Would I normally pick this album up? Mmmm, probably not. But I got it as a gift in a super super super thoughtful and special package from one of my dearest friends and I have fallen in love with it ever since. He circled the track “Army” and instructed me to listen to it because it reminded him of he and I. Listen to the track and you’ll understand why it made me tear up. Do yourself a favor and grab this upbeat, uplifting, fun, relatable record. (Also, she looks incredible in all the album art. Ugh.)

I feel as if the last words of all my monthly faves posts are promises to be better with timing – and this one is no different. Whoops.

I love you all ENDLESSLY. I said a brief thank you on Instagram but I truly appreciate the support and love I feel from my readers. The joy and gratification I get from sharing my art and life with you all goes unmatched.

Til next frickin’ time. ❤

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