Music Monday — July ’16

Guess who’s back with a brand spankin’ new monthly playlist?! (Hint: it’s me.)

If you ever wonder why these come so late in the month, it’s because I literally listen to these songs all month and only the ones I don’t get sick of make it onto the final cut. You’re welcome. ❤

You know the drill – if you have Spotify, you can click here to listen to your new fave jams. 
If you don’t use Spotify, the playlist is listed especially for you below:

  1. Miguel- Coffee
  2. Migos- Antidote
  3. Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber- Cold water
  4. DNCE- Jinx
  5. Jhene Aiko- Bed peace
  6. Britney Spears- Make me…
  7. Ariana Grande- Bad decisions
  8. The Neighbourhood- R.I.P. to my youth
  9. Snakehips ft. Zayn Malik- Cruel
  10. LANY- Quit
  11. Taylor Buono- Technically single
  12. LEON- Tired of talking 
  13. DJ Khaled ft. Drake- For free

Artist of the month? More like artist of my generation. I am well aware that not everyone may agree with me, but….. let’s talk about Godney Spears. It’s no secret that Britney has hit some very challenging points in both her personal life & in her career. That’s why her comeback is such a big deal. “Make me…” is the single I have been waiting for since she dropped her subpar (in my opinion, at least) album Britney Jean back in 2013. Granted G-Eazy wouldn’t be my ideal feature on the track, Brit sounds like her old self again. And that body….. that. body.  This girl is in her prime again. And her Billboard performance proved it. Welcome back, Ms. Spears. ❤ Soooo, so happy to have you back.

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