Monthly Favorites — July/August ’16

We’re joining two months of favorites into one again. You ready? Cause I sure am. 

My first (and quite possibly the most colorful) fave these past couple months is this David’s Tea “the boardwalk collection” set. 

The set comes with 5 different flavors of tea, (cotton candy, organic grape freeze, chocolate covered banana, coco colada, and caramel corn) and even comes with rock candy as a stirrer. Does it get any cuter or tastier than this? The answer is no

And what am I drinking this tea in? my new, super-cool, super-minimal “studded” mug from Teavana. It was love at first sight. 

Who loves keeping their face feeling clean and fresh? Everyone better be raising their hands. 

Cosmetic Warrior and Catastrophe Cosmetic from Lush are a couple of my top picks in the face mask category. Cosmetic Warrior is great to apply after you’ve gotten a few pesky breakouts. And I have learned Catastrophe Cosmetic works perfect to give your skin a natural glow. (I recommend using both before bed.)

Next up: a really good book by a really inspiring author. Also: am I allowed to judge a book by its cover when it’s this pretty? I think yes. “The yoga of Max’s Discontent” by Karan Baraj has gotten incredible reviews and I can see why. I don’t wanna give too much away, but reading this is so humbling and informative. If you’re eager to learn about new philosophies, cultures, etc. then I would absolutely recommend this. 

My obsession with Polaroids is nothing new. But my new home for them just may be. I love simple, clean lines so this works seamlessly. 

I got this photo box from Hobby Lobby and I’m super anxious to fill it up. The box I previously kept them was overfilling so it was time for something fresh. Don’t be surprised if I end up covering this with stickers. 

Am I ashamed to have jumped on the Adidas Superstars bandwagon? Perhaps. But there’s no denying the old school look they bring to outfits. They’re so fun to play around with. I think I actually may do a “how to style: Adidas superstars” post. Would y’all be into that? Lemme know. 

And this brings us to the end of the post. Boo-hoo. I definitely enjoy making these, and hope you feel the same way about reading them. 

I love you. I appreciate you. And I thank you endlessly for supporting me. See ya next time!

<3, Cody. 

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