LANY // San Francisco 11.17.16

My favorite band? Without a doubt it’s LANY, which is a joint acronym for “LA NY” or Los Angeles, New York – where the band originates from. Their raw, self-produced sound and weirdly relatable lyrics pulled me in and I haven’t yet been released.

When I first looked up tour dates, I was still living in San Diego – where the tour wasn’t stopping. So when I found out they were touring again, I flipped the f out only to see they’d added a San Diego tour date but left San Francisco where I’m currently living, off the list. Like really tho, so sad. BUT THEN after OutsideLands, they finally announced the SF date (I literally screamed.)

I sat my ass on my couch and bought two tickets the minute they went on sale, bought a disposable camera, and fanboy’d the whole way there and back. Stay with me for all the photos I captured from their extremely film-friendly set.














Quick s/o to my boys Paul & Les Paul & Jake, who put on an amazing show. Let’s forget about the 2 hour wait before the set. But let’s not forget about the two new songs you previewed. Your music makes me feel things. Thank you for letting me attach my own feelings and experiences with your music. My boys, forever.

P.S. I like….literally bought so much merch. And now have all 3 EP’s on vinyl. I was thinking about maybe doing a lookbook type-a thing with the merch since it’s so cute? Lemme know if that’s something you’d all be down for.


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