Monthly Favorites — Jan + Feb ’17

Surprise bitch(es), bet y’all thought you’d seen the last of my monthly favorites. Joking aside, I’m super happy to be doing more of these and it was really fun to shoot. Just talking to you all about my favorite stuff makes me feel like I’m talkin’ to a bestie about what I love. 

Let’s get straight to the damn point. 

We’ll start with the best hair product I’ve encountered in a while. (I’m always on the hunt for the next best. And my hair is always changing so with that, my products do too.) 

Featherweight by Uppercut is a paste with medium hold that leaves a matte finish. It passed all my check marks, ✔️ doesn’t leave a sticky residue in my hair ✔️ leaves hair looking textured, healthy, natural ✔️ looks good air dried or blow-dried. 

As well as hair products, lip balm is always something I’m willing to throw money at. This Kiehl’s minty facial fuel lip balm is great. Would I give up my Jack Black lip balms for it? Absolutely not. But it has its own shine in my collection. 

Let’s talk about these Rae Dunn pieces. 

Apart from being really hard to find, these two pieces are crazy adorable and super affordable. The platter retails for $5.99 + the mug for $4.99. (+ the red interior. Like, are you kidding?)

It’s no secret, my love for Tove Lo. Saw her for the second time in February and she didn’t disappoint. ‘Lady Wood’ gave me all kinds of gentleman wood. I was lucky enough to snag a signed copy of her record. Stay raw, babe. 

Got this patch at Iron & Resin in SF. My initial thoughts were nostalgia of San Diego. Following thoughts were, “yknow what, I’m in a really good place right now and doing things I’ve always wanted to.” And my final thoughts were “I’ll get this.”

Maybe a silly favorite, but I’m crazy addicted to these. Anything matcha catches my eye. I found this bag of green tea heaven at Daiso in SF and need to restock soon. 

And lastly, my white Birks. Saw a girl with these months ago and have been on a quest for them ever since. In the meantime I purchased black ones to fill the void. And while in Santa Cruz, stopped in a store and found these beauties! They’re women’s so I had to get the biggest size (a size too small for me, but some things are worth pain). The white is gonna be so fun to play around with, having Spring and Summer right around the corner. Also, I get a lot of compliments on these which never hurts. 

And with that, all my faves of the year so far have been shared. Gosh, it feels so good to get one of these up for y’all. Thanks so much to those who’ve bared with my measly 1/2 posts a month. I have so many fun plans for the future. 

I love you with all my being. Hugs and kisses to you all forever. ❤ Cody

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