Glossier x Cody Johnathan

Babes… so excited to talk about my newest brand partnership. Glossier has completely won my heart over. Their packaging is beautiful, their core values are wonderful, and their products consistently kill it. 

Today I’m gonna do a lil unboxing/review of a few of my faves from Glossier. Hold tight til the end for a really sweet deal I can offer y’all. 

First off, in every package you receive from Glossier, you get the cutest box filled with an adorable pink pouch to protect your products, (commonly used as a makeup bag post-delivery πŸ˜‰) stickers, and a poster. It definitely makes the unboxing experience really exciting and special. And that baby “#glossierpink”… like, are you kidding? (Also, the box is reversible.)

So, why Glossier? Because the minimalistic approach they take with their packaging and ingredients shows so transparently. They’re cruelty-free, and their integrity shows. What’s not to love? It’s important to do your research when supporting any brand — especially one with products you’re using on your gorgeous, delicate face. 

First off, we’re talking about the Milky Jelly cleanser — one of my faves from my rep page. This stuff is great for morning and night, and leaves you feeling squeaky clean without any dryness or residue. The only thing I’m not crazy about, not being a man of florals, is the rosey scent in the cleanser. Ultimately it’s worth the sacrifice. Aaaaand, you can use it on dry or damp skin!

Next on my list of favorites — Boy Brow! Okay, now this is Glossier’s best-selling product. Why, you ask? Well I think it’s largely contributed to the really unique and memeorable name. But furthermore this product is great at giving a very I-didn’t-really-try-but-I-look-incredible brow. Groomer, filler, shaper, all in one. I like it’s appearance on me but it looks even better on my lady friends. 

Oh hey, it’s me! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Now, the star of the show, and last of my products I’m sharing with y’all today — Balm Dot Com! It’s no secret that I have a balm addiction. Literally. I’ve tried it all, y’all. And these guys very quickly made their way to the top of my list. I may…. even…….. like them better than my Jack Black lip balms. I know — crazy. P.s. you can use these as a spot treatment. 

I picked out the set of four flavored Balm Dot Com’s knowing my curiosity would lead to purchasing them all anyway, and you get a couple pennies off if you order them all together. Of the four, mint + coconut have my heart. Rose being my least favorite (I just don’t love florals, man) and cherry being a runner up because of the tint. 

The best part about being a Glossier brand rep? If you go to my rep page, I can offer you 20% off your first order + free shipping over $30! Yes, really. So simple but it feels real good to give you all the hookup. 

Well, this has been fun. You guys know I love talking products because I can speak authentically to y’all. It just comes naturally, the relationship between you and I. ❀

If there are any products not featured on this post that you’re interested in my opinion of — let me know! I’m happy to showcase any products you’re thinking about getting or answering questions you have about them. Dm me on Instagram, tweet me, the whole damn thang. I love you cuties so much. 
Til next time, xoxo Cody J. 


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