While in: Monterey

Hiiii, babes! I’m excited to bring you the first of a new series, “While in πŸ“”. Where I take you all on a virtual date around places I visit. 

Road trips (even mini ones) get me hangry, which leads us to our next stop… The Wharf Marketplace!

Alast…. the crab louie salad. My mouth is actually watering while typing this. It was filled with crab, avocado, carrots, boiled egg, etc. tossed in a thousand island dressing. Like, I need another now. Or two. 

After filling my tummy, next stop: Pacific Grove. 

Even an overcast day here can be so so beautiful. Wish you coulda been there. The path led to Lovers Point Park, which reminded me so much of San Diego. All the best things do. 

As an avid rock climber, of course I ended up climbing a few. It was sprinkling a little but I didn’t mind. Love a little adventure. 

My socks make a cameo. πŸ–•πŸΌ

Outfit details: jeans – (not pictured) Lucky Brand skinny dark denim β€’ thermal, jacket – Lululemon β€’ flannel – Uniqlo β€’ socks – UNIF β€’ shoes – Vans

Bye bye, Monterey.  πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Last stop before home was this incredible acai place, Aloha Coffee & Cafe –

Got a classic + a green to try em out. And in natural Cody fashion, I preferred the weird one. The green “bowl” had kiwi, strawberries, and bananas, aka all my faves. Def the best I’ve had since leaving SoCal. 

Aaaaand, that’s it y’all! Thanks for joining me. 

Love you all so much. Xoxo, Joanne. 

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