Product Spotlight — Glossier Balm Dot Com


The suspense has been killing me, but the day has finally come. 

I’ve said before how much I adore this lip balm. What I wasn’t ready for is the tasty cake flavor. 

As a sucker for anything holographic or iridescent, I’m dead over the packaging.

Something fun to note: this new flavor is a collab with Milk Bar, a very popular and instagram worthy cake shop based in NYC. I’ve yet to try their cake but this balm is the next best thing. 

Are you interested in how I would rank the flavored balm dot coms? 

  1. mint
  2. birthday 
  3. coconut
  4. cherry
  5. rose

The only thing (kind of a big thing if I’m being honest) that disappointed me is the shimmer in the balm. It’s very pretty and not intense on the girls in my life that have tried it on – but if you’re a man (or lady, or anywhere on the spectrum) with any hesitation towards shimmer this isn’t for you. Which is a bummer because I love the flavor. Guess I’ll just be wearing this indoors. *Shrug*

As some of you may know, I am a Glossier rep. The best part of being a rep for me is offering you guys some $$$ off the products I use everyday that I really love. And boy, do I have some for you. *wink*

You’re a first time shopper? Damn. you get 20% off your first order + free shipping over $30 using my rep link. 

Not your first time? get a pack of any 3 balm dot coms, just $30. That’s $6 off if you’re stocking up. And guess what? free shipping still applies!

Orrrrr, you could get the Phase 1 set (milky jelly cleanser, priming moisturizer, your choice of balm dot com) for only $45. That’s $10 off and you’ll get a good feel for what makes Glossier so special. 

You can all do this if you shop through my rep page. And you can watch my goofy video talking about my fave products. 

Aaaaand, that’s all folks! If you have any Glossier related questions, please feel free to reach out via Instagram dm. And if you order through my link I want to hear from you too! Tell me what you got, what you’re excited to try, which you’re curious I would pick for you. 

Love you so so much. Hope Glossier makes a difference in your skincare, makeup, or just daily routine like it has for me. Look out for a more in depth look at the Phase 1 + Phase 2 sets. 

See ya next time. 
Xoxo, Cody Johnathan. ❤

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