First impressions + review: Tatcha’s ‘The Starter ritual’

Today, we’re talking ’bout some exciting stuff. Have you heard of Tatcha? Odds are, you’ve seen these products used on Kim Kardashian, Desi Perkins, and tons of other famous beauty icons. Which reminds me how lucky I was to receive this from Tatcha PR!

*Opinions are solely mine, and I am not being paid for this post.*

The starter ritual is a great way to dip your feet into the brand and see which products work with your skin.

(Zoom for steps + details)

There are four steps in the starter ritual.

1. PurifyCamellia cleansing oil

Not too heavy, probably great for removing makeup.

2. PolishRice enzyme powder

Very gentle exfoliation. A little foamy.

3. SoftenThe essence

First essence I’ve tried. Similar to a toner, but doesn’t tighten the skin.

4. HydrateWater cream

True to the name, goes from a creamy texture to very thin and watery, very easy to sink into skin. Needed a bit more than a dime size amount personally.

Overall, this routine left me with balanced, clear, glowy skin. A little glow never hurt nobody.

My favorite from the set is the Water cream because it is super light and refreshing.

Sent with the Starter ritual were a couple cult faves:

The holy grail, loved by many (including myself). The Luminous dewy skin mist.

No doubt in my mind that you’ve heard every beauty personality talk about this magic in a bottle. If I’m wearing this, the glow is so real. Since I don’t wear makeup, my priority is solely my skin. So skincare, a little concealer, and this does me right. I seriously recommend this to anyone who’s not into a super matte look. My skin is normal/oily and I have no issues so don’t be afraid if you share an oily complexion!

And lastly, the Aburatorigami beauty papers, which look pretty and probably super useful, but as a guy who doesn’t wear a full face of makeup, haven’t gotten much use from these. A.k.a. I can’t speak authentically to them.

And for now, that finishes my Tatcha review. I’m happy to answer any questions or be more clear with details if you’re curious! Leave a comment or DM me on Instagram.

If you’re interested in the Starter ritual, you can find it here. I am not making a commission on any sales, just want to offer some info for your convenience.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this kinda stuff. My love for skincare is growing so I love talking about it with you all!

Xoxo, Cody J. ❤

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