Shave Routine feat. Harry’s shave kit + face lotion

I’m really excited to bring you all today’s blog post, in partnership with Harry’s! It’s a brand I have been using for years, and was so stoked they reached out to me to share my thoughts on their products.

A little background on Harry’s – a brand, started by two best friends and college mates that focuses on simplicity and stand-out quality from all other shave brands on the market. They offer subscription services (customizable to your needs) for shave creams, razors, after shave, and now face lotion with broad spectrum SPF!

Let’s first talk about the face lotion, which retails for $8 (not bad at all. damn.) and promises: “feels light. not greasy. dries quickly.” It’s been about a week and a half since my first use, and I can say this product does not disappoint. It goes on evenly, no white cast, and it does dry very quickly while still being hydrating. I have combination skin and tend to get a little shiny in my t-zone and this lotion hasn’t impacted that in a negative way at all. It also has a very subtle but satisfying minty fragrance to it. *High five to Harry’s*

Compared to other sunscreens I’ve used, I am definitely super happy with this one. Skincare and sun safety are super important. Quick cheat sheet: UVA – ages your skin, UVB – burns your skin. Using a product with broad spectrum can protect you from both.

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about such an affordable skincare product (I always invest in my skin, just like my mama taught me) but I’m happy to report you don’t need to break the bank to stay young and beautiful. *Cue Lana Del Rey*

Next up: the razor and blades. Let’s be really clear, my skin is so so so sensitive to shaving. Which is actually a big reason I started growing out the beard. To keep my face in shape though, I’ll clean up my neck and the shape of my beard.

Previous to Harry’s, I was using Dollar shave club (don’t do it. take my word and stay far, far away) and not loving the results. *Imagine lots of red bumpy shave burn and not happy Cody, going out in the world with an awful rash.*

I was so happy and relieved to get the weighted, quality handle and effortless blade of Harry’s. No effort needed, this blade actually works the best for me if I keep a very light grip and glide it across the skin. My first and current handle is an olive green (fave color) but I’m actually loving the sleek look of this silver one I got in the mail, in the Winston set (retails for $25).

Last on the list is the Foaming shave gel. It’s thick, it lathers well, and it just works. Very subtle scent while still being good for sensitive skin. (Retails for $6)

Can you guys get the vibe that I actually love this stuff? It’s all I trust these days.

Thanks so much for reading, babes. And thanks to Harry’s for the fun post. Feels good to get something up other than a Music Monday.

Love you all so much, see ya soon.

Xoxo, Cody J.

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