Music Monday — October ‘17

Hey, spooky babes. 👻 This month has been a challenging one, so I haven’t been able to get much up on the blog – but I am so so happy to bring this playlist to you. So many songs that I adore and hope you will too!

October has always been one of my favorite months – pumpkin flavored everything, sweaters, long socks, layering. Ugh, yes. Are you guys into pumpkin spice? I’m more of a peppermint mocha kinda guy myself, but I’ll never turn down an iced latte. *Wink*

This playlist is definitely a mix of genres – just the way I like it. I’ve never felt restricted with my taste in music and I hope that shows month after month. I want to offer a new favorite song or two to anyone who’s listening.
If you have Spotify, you can click here.

If not, you’re gonna type out the playlist next month. Until then, see below:

  1. Dua Lipa – Blow your mind (Mwah)
  2. Dagny – Wearing nothing
  3. Nick Jonas – Find you
  4. Sabrina Carpenter – Why
  5. Miley Cyrus – Bad mood (Spotify studios)
  6. Demi Lovato – Games
  7. J Balvin + Willy William Ft. Beyoncé – Mi gente
  8. The 1975 – Milk
  9. Demi Lovato – Sexy dirty love
  10. Miley Cyrus – Thinkin’
  11. Dagny – Love you like that
  12. Sam Smith – Too good at goodbyes
  13. Emily Vaughn ft. Yuppycult – Over that

You guys have got tons of dance songs and a couple in-your-feelings tunes. Have fun with em!
Artist of the month is Demi Lovato. Her new album, Tell me you love me is really impressive. And with her new documentary out on Netflix, Simply Complicated, you really get a better idea of who she is as a person and as an artist. Her sex positive attitude and vulnerability have really gained some respect in my eyes. The two songs from her on my playlist this month are what I’ve been having on repeat. Demi, if you’re reading this, let’s go out.

I’ve got fun stuff coming soon. Thanks for reading and rockin’ out with me. See you back here next month for you newest playlist. *Blows kiss* ❤

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