LANY // San Francisco 10.29.17 Film Diary

Hey, babes! Hope you’re having a good one, whenever/wherever you’re reading this.

I am not at all shy about LANY being my favorite band. I wear their merch excessively, got all their EP’s/their album on vinyl, and I just talk about them all the time.

I got the chance to see them a second time this year and I am stoked as hell to share my experience through a couple disposable cameras for you all. I did the same last year, and will link that here. Check it out, bb’s.

A R I A N N A, Bay Bridge

W A L K I N β€’ O N β€’ R A I N B O W S

O U T S I D E the venue: The Fillmore – SF, CA


Paul holds a P R I D E flag thrown on stage πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

I 🌹L 🌹Y 🌹S 🌹B

F L O W E R S // O N // T H E // F L O O R

The show was a success, the band sounded great per usual. The energy in the rooms they fill is always so incredible. Pure magic. I highly recommend packing a disposable camera with you next time you’re at a concert if you’re into the nostalgic look. For me, it’s fun to have less control over the shots – I usually take 10/20 shots on my iPhone or dslr camera before loving it. This forces me to be more in the moment.

I got some cool shots on my iPhone as well that I would like to share. See below if you wanna see those too!

We (my girl Arianna and I) headed into the city and I wanna share a few photos leading up to the concert.


Parking garage D R A M A


B E F O R E haircut

A F T E R haircut

tasty pre-show A F F O G A T O

Below are some shots of the concert itself from my iPhone – a couple taken portrait mode, most not. Definitely much clearer than my film shots.

And that’s it, y’all! Photo diaries are some of my favorite things to shoot/post. They give me so much liberty to be creative and in the moment. If you’re into these, lemme know! I am so happy to do them more often. ❀

I love you so much. Thanks for reading.

Love always, Cody J.

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