Best of ’17 — Music

Better late than never? I am ecstatic to share my top albums/songs of 2017 with you all!

I compiled my top 9 albums of the year and put together a lil (maybe not so lil) playlist of my favorite songs to get in your feels/jam to.

First up: Top albums of ’17, in no particular order:

  • Self titled – LANY
  • Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato
  • Blue Lips – Tove Lo
  • Ctrl– SZA
  • Sweet Sexy Savage – Kehlani
  • Self titled – Dua Lipa
  • Self titled – Harry Styles
  • Lust For Life – Lana Del Rey
  • Pop 2 – Charli XCX

I could go deep into detail about why I loved each album, but to save your time, I’ll share what they all have in common – and that is that I connected with each album in a different way. And each album was a cohesive collection of songs in which I couldn’t stay away from. Anytime an album comes out, I listen to the whole thing, start to finish, several times before making any judgement or opinion on it. I continue to be more of an ‘album listener’, which helps me identify true artistry in my eyes! It’s easy to make a hit single, it’s challenging to create an iconic album. (If I had to choose just one album, it would be Kehlani. That shit pops off and makes you cry. Shhhh.)

Aaaaand, now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. MY BEST OF ’17 PLAYLIST. AHHHHHH.

You know the drill, if you have Spotify, click here.

If you don’t, I guess I’ll do you a favor and list the songs below:

  1. Love – Lana Del Rey
  2. Hurts – LANY
  3. Blow your mind (Mwah) – Dua Lipa
  4. Shedontknowbutsheknows – Tove Lo
  5. Love you like that – Dagny
  6. Still want you – Brandon Flowers
  7. Best to you – Blood Orange
  8. Wearing nothing – Dagny
  9. Sorry not sorry – Demi Lovato
  10. Doves in the wind – SZA, Kendrick Lamar
  11. Slide – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos
  12. Sweet creature – Harry Styles
  13. Advice – Kehlani
  14. Want you back – HAIM
  15. HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar
  16. Witness – Katy Perry
  17. Dangerous – The XX
  18. There’s nothing holdin’ me back – Shawn Mendes
  19. There for you – Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan
  20. Boys – Charli XCX
  21. No frauds – Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne
  22. Disco tits – Tove Lo
  23. Stay – Zedd, Alessia Cara
  24. Be the one – Dua Lipa
  25. The cure – Lady Gaga
  26. Distraction – Kehlani
  27. Swish swish – Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj
  28. Girl crush – Harry Styles
  29. New rules – Dua lipa
  30. Learn to let go –  Kesha
  31. 3AM(Pull up) – Charli XCX, MØ
  32. Lost in your light – Dua Lipa, Miguel
  33. bitches – Tove Lo
  34. Over that – Emily Vaughn
  35. Never be the same – Camila Cabello
  36. Lonely – Demi Lovato
  37. I feel it coming – The Weeknd
  38. Garden (Say it like dat) – SZA
  39. Lust for life – Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd
  40. Priority – Emily Vaughn
  41. Shining – DJ Khaled, Beyoncé, Jay-Z
  42. Water under the bridge – Adele
  43. Lie – Halsey, Quavo
  44. Malibu – Miley Cyrus
  45. Light – San Holo

These songs have quite literally carried me through 2017. Please please take a listen, and maybe acquire a new favorite song or two. Who knows, maybe you can add them to a playlist of your own! (I’m also making this playlist collaborative, to give you guys the liberty to add songs you believe belong on the ‘best of’ list!)

I love love love sharing music with you guys. Anyone who knows me, knows what a special place music holds in my heart. AND I am always looking for new stuff to listen to. If you cuties ever hear something you think I should check out, send it to me! My DM’s are always open.

I heart you so much. I hope you enjoyed this.

Xoxo, Cody.


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