Photo Diary — Pride, San Francisco ‘18

Okay, first of all. I have never felt more connected to the LGBTQ+ family in my life. I feel so strongly in support of my beautiful brothers, sisters, and everyone in between. I am so proud to be bisexual and truly couldn’t imagine being anything aside from m y s e l f. I don’t want to fucking change. And if you feel otherwise, fuck you quite frankly. *Wink.* This goes for people still in the closet, whether it’s not your time yet, or if you’re unable to in fear of your safety. I love you. I will never stop loving you and supporting you. (Esp my friends that are POC/experience racial discrimination that aren’t as visible as they should be. I see you.)

This was my very first San Francisco pride and it was wild. Not sure what I expected, but I left feeling proud, exhausted, and seen. There’s something to be said about being part of a community so loving and bright. And when you’re in a place so accepting, there’s a feeling behind that – one that is overwhelmingly positive and uplifting. It’s important to remember as well, the people before you who fought with everything they had, some even dying, to have the rights we do today; and the ability to celebrate. I’m not going to give you a history lesson, but pride celebrations were once (and some still have strong undertones of) riots and protests. Do your research! And educate yourself on the brave souls that helped give us the liberty we have in present day. Let’s also not forget those in other countries who still are not able to celebrate their love in ways they deserve. Without further ado, my experience at SF pride. *Rainbow emoji*

I’ve recently (as of the past couple years) acquired a fascination and love for rainbows. Like, literally, rainbow everything. While at pride, I thought deeply about the ‘why’ behind this. My conclusion? I have loved color since I was a small child – my favorite color as a kid was pink! And the older I got, the less accepting my peers (and sadly the adults in my life) were about my ‘non-masculine’ interests. I have always loved color, but shied away from it in fear of shame and lack of acceptance. In fear of being bullied and made less-than. But now, openly identifying as a bisexual man, I’ve regained my love for every color of the rainbow.

With that being said… don’t let anyone dim your color. Live authentically. Live colorfully. Live your truth. Because although it may seem intimidating, it is liberating and powerful and that’s just too much to let anyone else take control of. Love ya-selves, okay?

HAPPY FUCKING PRIDE MONTH. I hope you all loved this colorful af post. I adore you all. If you need me, I’ll be blasting ‘Freedom’ by George Michael.

Xoxo, Cody J. ❤

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