Music Monday — August ’18

Hi, lovies!

It’s been a minute and I apologize for that. I literally forgot to post this Music Monday 3 weeks in a row (whoops!) so it’s coming to you on a Thursday because I feel like it. And because we don’t listen to music just on Mondays… I mean, right?! Right.

August was a crazy month and this playlist helped a lot. Music is always a big part of my process with really anything I’m dealing experience, whether it be happy, sad, disappointing, exciting. Music plays the biggest role in my life which is why I continue to share my tunes with y’all! It makes me very happy.

If you’re cool, click here.

If you’re not, I have so graciously typed the playlist out for you.

  1. Ariana Grande – R.E.M.
  2. The 1975 – Tootime
  3. Ruel – Younger
  4. Travis Scott – Sicko mode
  5. Troye Sivan – Animal
  6. Logic ft. Ryan Tedder – One day
  7. Ariana Grande – Breathin
  8. Nicki Minaj – Barbie dreams
  9. Travis Scott – Coffee bean
  10. LANY – I don’t wanna love you anymore
  11. Ariana Grande – Better off
  12. Kiana Ledé – Ex
  13. Nicki Minaj – Good form
  14. Calvin Harris ft. Sam Smith – Promises
  15. San Holo ft. Sofie Winterson – Lift me from the ground

See ya soon. 👋🏼 Love ya lots.

Xoxo, Cody J.

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