Talking ancestry with 23andMe — sharing results + thoughts

Hi, babies! I’ve got something kinda different but really dope for y’all today. Things might get a little deep, so let’s dig right in.

My ancestry has always been a bit of a mystery — with a parent that was adopted/immigrated from South Korea to the states, and a distant father, there were a lot of questions left unanswered. In this post, we will paint a more clear picture of my heritage.

So here’s the low down on 23andMe — you get the test in the mail, you spit into a tube (yes, really), and you send it back! The directions are actually painfully simple, but I was freaking out because of course I didn’t want to mess it up. It is communicated to you that it takes approximately 6-8 weeks to retrieve your results from the test. The photos below were taken the day I sent out my sample (August 9th), I got an email to let me know the sample had been received (August 29th), and I got word yesterday (September 28th) that my results were ready. So keep in mind that you do not get results immediately but you’ll likely forget all about it and then receive the results in your email, just as I did. Lol.

Previous to the test, I was under the impression I was a whole lotta white (predominantly Scottish is what I was told by family) + 1/4 South Korean. I do for sure think my ethnicity has played a big role in my self identity. I am so so in tune with my Korean culture and have always had a deep adoration for my people, food, everything! So I was definitely nervous going into this whole thing. What if my previous knowledge of my ancestry was entirely false? My life as I knew it would be a total lie. (Okay, maybe not that dramatic…. but I was scared nevertheless!)

Okay — here goes nothin. My results are below.

Alright. Right away, I am shocked to see that not only am I over 23% British/Irish, I am actually not Scottish whatsoever. The French doesn’t surprise me much but it is still very intriguing. I am in complete disbelief and so excited to see I am nearly 9% Italian. I had literally no idea previously and I think this plays a big part in my love for pasta and bread and literally every other carb. *Shrug*.


This was the area of my heritage I was most wanting answers to — and I am certainly surprised with the results. I am Korean and Japanese and Chinese! WHAT. How fucking cool. I think it is to be expected that there be some kind of mix here but I was not prepared for it. Thankfully I am a little over 1/4 Asian, just as I suspected. Phew. 


The remainder are just very small percentages but I still find them fascinating. I am so happy to be so diverse! I think it’s really special and I definitely wouldn’t change a thing. Also, if you’ve been keeping count, you may have noticed this is just 99% of my ancestry. I am 1% unassigned. Aka, I am 1% mystery flavor. Bad joke? Oops.



So, my thoughts? Do I regret getting the test done? Would I recommend it?

  • I am so happy I completed the test and do not regret it at all. This has been a mystery my entire life and it feels like some weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’ve gotten to know myself a little better.
  • I would absolutely recommend getting the test done. I do think that there are factors you should take into consideration when thinking about getting it done: are you okay with people whom you share DNA with seeing your information? (you can customize the settings and show as little as your first and last initial), are you prepared to receive information that may shock you?, do you already have a pretty clear idea of where you come from? Think of everything! And be ready.


Thanks for hangin with me. This whole process has been so cool and I’m happy I got to share it with you guys. I personally find heritage really important and fun to learn about. If you share this feeling, I hope you got a kick out of finding out some more about me! And maybe I’ve inspired or sparked some curiosity in you to find out yours as well.

This post is not sponsored and the test was not gifted, but if you plan on following through and getting the test, I can save you some money! Follow this link and get at least 10% off a test for yourself. You have the option for Ancestry, Health, or both! I just did the Ancestry test this time around but maybe later in the future I’ll commit to the health one as well.

I love you so so so so so much. See you tomorrow for Music Monday!

Xoxo, Cody Johnathan ❤

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