Music Monday — March ‘19

Hi, babies!! Long time, no talk.

I have been craaaaazy busy lately with travel, work, etc. And I have kept this playlist from you for far too long. So, I’m going to change that! Who’s ready for a bomb playlist? You? Perfect.

Spotify users, click here.

Everyone else, see below:

  1. Riton, Kah-Lo, Mr. Eazi – Catching Feelings
  2. Dagny – Used To You
  3. Mindchatter – Trippy
  4. Cuco, Dillon Francis – Fix me
  5. Summer Walker, Drake – Girls Need Love
  6. Zedd, Katy Perry – 365
  7. Marina – Superstar
  8. Leikeli47 – Post That
  9. Bülow – Two Punks In Love
  10. Billie Eilish – Wish You Were Gay
  11. Declan McKenna – Brazil
  12. Mindchatter – Blood
  13. Yaeji – Raingurl
  14. Claud – Easy

Well, there it is. Did you love it? *Gasps* Omg, me too!

How are you, btw? Life treating you well? Lately, I have been feeling really conflicted but confident in my direction. Loneliness finds its way into my mind and suddenly I am questioning my path – I am in the works of not letting it. But sometimes it’s hard! And I just want to remind you that if things aren’t easy, that is okay, and you are not alone. Because I often feel alone in my most vulnerable moments. But when I ask for help or guidance is when I tend to find my way back to reality. It’s important that everyone finds that person, or thing, that re-grounds them. And I am also happy to be that person for anyone that needs it. Seriously, DM me!

Have the happiest Monday. I love you deeply.

Xoxo, Cody J.

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