Music Monday — April ‘19

Hey, ladies! We ready for another late playlist post? Sweet.

How are you by the way? Good? Awful? Just kinda passing through? Whatever it may be, I am sending you the best vibes!! And wanna remind you that if you are going through something challenging, you’re bound to learn a lesson or gain some really important life experience. Okay let’s get back on track.

I’ve got a new playlist for you today which makes me excited. Why? Because I actually, genuinely spend a lot of time putting them together. Is this a surprise? Oops. I’ve said it before but music really is a huuuuuuge passion of mine and it is so dope that I get to share myself in this way with y’all. And honestly….. this one is fucking bomb. So, like. You’re welcome. Bye.

If you’re a cool kid with Spotify, click here.

If you still don’t have Spotify in 2019, the playlist will be listed below:

  1. Christian Leave – Please Notice
  2. BROCKHAMPTON – Summer
  3. A$AP Mob, A$AP Rocky, Playboy Carti, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, Frank Ocean – RAF
  4. Matt Champion – Fangs
  5. Sigrid – Never mine
  6. Mabel – Don’t call me up
  7. Rex Orange County – Television/So Far So Good
  8. Dagny, Steve Aoki – Hit Your Heart
  9. Lolo Zouai – Moi
  10. Bronze Avery – Spilling Out
  11. Washed Out, Small Black – Despicable Dogs
  12. Jakob Ogawa – Let It Pass
  13. Ariana Grande, Victoria Monét – MONOPOLY
  14. Clairo, Danny L Harle – B.O.M.D.
  15. Yeek – Only In The West
  16. Christian Leave – Smaller
  17. Yung Heazy – Cuz Ur My Girl
  18. Emily Vaughn – Pieces
  19. SG Lewis, Clairo – Throwaway

I love you so so much. I hope you enjoy these bops!

If you have any songs you’re dying to share, please do so. I love when people show me new music. ❤

See ya soon, Xoxo Cody J.

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